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Come and have fun - learn how to drum - drumming workshops in the heart of Africa - on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania


Wassape Mrisho and Kifimbo playing the Djembe

Be active and learn how to drum, enjoy Eazy's friendly hospitality while staying at his famous hostel Eazys Place


The benefits of djembe drumming in a group setting are widely recognised and documented. Our participants describe the process as joyful, therapeutic and it bringing a sense of belonging and harmony. Traditional African music creates an atmosphere of warmth, joy and connection between people. I's actually an ancient healing tool.

“Djembe is a skin-covered hand drum shaped like a large goblet and meant to be played with bare hands” Wikipedia - June 2015


Wassape Mrisho und Kifimbo are two talented and passionate musicians, who teach a range of authentic African rhythms. They work at the Bagamoyo Art School and are looking forward to teaching you the basics of drumming. They will help you to get the feel for rhythm and instruct you to play the Djembe. You don't have to read music, you just learn by doing, as it always has been a tradition in African cultures.

Having fun and taking pleasure in the the music and rhythms should be the center of attention.


Eazy Mjema, in the picture on the left, the owner of the Guest House "Eazys Place“ is your host. He cares for you and helps you with everything. Eazy Mjema has worked as a tour guide for several years and has become a well known artist. Some of his unique batik artworks are created in his workshop on his plot and you are invited to watch him creating his batik fabrics. Last but not least he is an excellent cook serving traditional local meals for dinner and breakfast. You will feel safe and comfortable at his place with the Banda and the traditional huts.

At your short trip to Bagamoyo Eazy will show show you the famous Art School, where you will meet your instructors. You will also take part in a drumming performance on the beautiful Indian Ocean beach. The workshop ends with a lively farewell party with music, indulge in dancing, music and culinary delights!

Eazy’s Place is a private initiative of Xenia Marita and Bernd Riebe (Germany) in order to support young people in Tanzania to build their own business and is another approach to help people to help themselves. Eazy, over the years, has become a dear friend to us who has proven many times that he is capable of leading a successful business as well as creating and marketing his beautiful batik art. More information about Eazy's art you will find on his website Unique Batik